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Dunhuang Mural Painting Reproduced
from:QU JIANG MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS??add-time:2013-12-10

Dunhuang Mural Painting Reproduced

---- Exhibition of Mrs. Yang Dongmiao’s Restored Copies of Dunhuang Murals


?Mrs. Yang Dongmiao was born in Xi’an in 1969. Influenced by her family who appreciates Dunhuang art, she has been fond of painting since childhood and wish to devote her whole life into restoration of the Dunhuang murals. Since 1992, she has taken great efforts to reproduce hundreds of murals of Dunhuang, Tibet and Xinjiang. Her arts have been exhibited in galleries, museums and libraries all over China such as Hong Kong, Xi’an, Beijing, Foshan, Shunde, Hangzhou and etc.

?In this exhibition, there are more than 50 restored copies of Dunhuang, Xinjiang and Tibet murals are displayed. Most of the restored copies of Dunhuang murals are the highlight items of Dunhuang grottoes, covering multiple themes and long period. Also, the murals of Tibet Guge kingdom and Xinjiang Kizil grottoes show extraordinary splendor and particularly valuable.

?This exhibition is not only an intuitive and vivid history of buddhist art, but also a gallery of classical oriental art.


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